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If you want to have your trademark evaluated for free....then give our online application request a shot.

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete and will let you proceed quickly with a free no obligation inquiry about protecting your company name or product brand identities.

This is how this works: After receipt of your completed application, either Glenn or I will make ourselves available to discuss the availability of trademark protection for your mark, go over the different search options, and answer any remaining questions or concerns you have about securing exclusive rights to your trademark.

Keep in mind that just because you completed this form, it does not make you a client....and you will not charge you any fees or costs, whatsoever, unless we agree to work together, get a signed agreement and the required fees.

International Class

Select the International Class that comes close to describing the goods or services you intend to provide using your trademark. If your goods or services are not shown, leave the class blank and we will assist you in selecting the applicable class when we receive your request.

In your own words, describe the specific goods or services sold by your company.
FYI - These are the typical government fees for Trademarks

Federal Trademark Application

Typical Governmental filing fees (per class).
Miscellaneous costs.



Optional Trademark Search Services
If you are making an application for a Federal trademark, it is not required to conduct a search for conflicting marks prior to submitting an application for registration. Please click on the options below for an explanation of each service. If you would like to speak to us before committing to a particular search, simply put a check mark in the first box and move on to the next section.

Not Sure (Need to speak to an attorney before deciding) $0.00

No Search

Federal Trademark Register Search $245.00
Comprehensive Federal, State, Common Law and Internet Domain Name Search and written opinion $1295.00

Trademark Applicant Information
If the trademark is to be owned by an individual please complete the following portion:
Full Name of Applicant

If the trademark is to be owned by a registered company, please complete the following portion:
Company Name
Corporate Form (Corporation, Partnership, LLC, etc.)
State of Incorporation or Organization
Name of Officer Signing Application
Title of Officer Signing Application

Contact Information
Phone 2
Email** (**required)

Mark Information


(A) Describe your mark here:

(Please Note: if your mark includes Logo or Stylized Lettering, please mail or e-mail the mark to our office - OR - attach it below)


(B) What do you consider the important features of the mark (Check appropriate box)?

I will provide the mark later
Picture, logo, design, or emblem


(C) Please provide a complete list of the particular types of goods or services with which the mark is being used or will be used?
(e.g., Restaurant, Food, Clothing, Hair Care Product, Lawn Care Service, etc.)


(D) Is the mark currently being used in interstate commerce? (For example - within a single state)

Yes        No


(E) If yes, what is the approximate date (month and year) that the goods or services were first sold or performed anywhere?


(F) If applicable, what was the approximate date (month and year) that the goods or services were first sold/performed either between states or between the U.S. and another country (aka Interstate Commerce)?


(G) If the mark is currently being used, please forward a specimen (or a digital photograph of a specimen) of the mark applied to the goods or services (e.g., packaging, labels applied to the goods, tags applied to the goods, an advertisement of services, etc.)

I will provide this later


(H) If the mark includes stylized lettering and/or a logo, please provide a digital (.jpg) file of the mark, if available. Alternatively, please provide a paper copy from which our illustrator can create an appropriate digital (for example a .jpg) file.

I will provide this later


(I) Has a trademark application been filed outside of the United States?

Yes        No
If yes, please provide the following:
1) a digital or paper copy of the application and/or Registration Certificate
2) A complete English translation of the certificate (signed by the translator)
3) The Renewal Date (i.e., date registration was last renewed):
4) The Expiration Date of the Registration:
I will provide the above information later


(J) Any additional comments

Please identify the photo below:

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