Meet Our Clients

At Gold & Rizvi, P.A., Glenn and I have earned a reputation for unmatched client service. So much so, that we not only represent individual investors, but small start-up companies, medium to large institutional clients and multinational corporations too.

And whether the client is a one-man show or an international giant, our clients choose us because of the one-on-one access we provide, open and direct communication, and high-quality legal services.

Although Glenn and I have experience working at some of the largest law firms in the country (qualifications & experience), we are not a large firm. This means that you will deal directly with Glenn or John on every aspect of your legal matter and not an inexperienced attorney that may-or-may-not focus on intellectual property law.  Or even worse, a brand-new associate at some mega-law firm.

We're recognized experts in intellectual property law and we both are frequently quoted in national legal journals and intellectual property publications. Unlike "all purpose" law firms, we believe it is better to be an expert in a single area of the law than to be mediocre or average in a number of different fields. Therefore, we focus on doing one thing - protecting new ideas - and doing it better than anyone else.

Just below, you'll see a list that highlights some of the clients Glenn and I have represented. And the list shows that we do indeed represent the "little guy" as well as corporate giants. Go ahead and take a peek...and if you need assistance for your intellectual property issue, let us know by contacting us using the form just above, or by calling Glenn or myself (John) toll-free at 1-866-433-2288.

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