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Have you come up with a new idea or invention that applies to the Las Vegas gaming industry or other local industry?

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We've found that inventors, small businesses and others who develop phenomenal ideas, face a large number of confusing and complex legal issues.

We can help with your patent needs:

  • Las Vegas Patent Strategy: Our business-only focus centers on your specific goals, the industry, your budget, the specific timelines needed for your idea or invention - and we put in place the strategy needed to support your goals.
  • Patent Searches: We perform a comprehensive patent search to make sure your patent will be valid.
  • Check The Validity of your Patent: In order to avoid any future patent litigation, we always examine existing patents in the industry and give you our opinion on the validity of any existing patents - that makes it easier for you make the right business decisions.
  • Patent Applications: It really doesn't matter whether your idea or invention will need a US patent or an international patent as well because we file applications for patents worldwide. And we have very competitive flat-fee rates for patent applications.
  • Patent Infringement: We always analyze products and services to determine if there are any infringement issues with existing patents.
  • Patent Enforcement: If anyone else ever infringes on your patent, you can be sure we will aggressively enforce your rights.
  • Patent Licensing: We will assist you in creating a business strategy to License your patented invention and negotiate License Rights which can result in a significant revenue stream for the inventor.

You have enough on your plate worrying about what to do with your idea or invention. Why not start out by making sure no one else "borrows your idea. There's no obligation on your part if you pick up the phone and call us. All we want to do is listen and find out where you're at regarding your invention or idea....and where you want to go.

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